Charm Watches

Charm Watches

Taking the fascination of Italian Charms one step ahead wearing any of our exclusive and stylish Charm Watches, adding functionality to your current standard Charm bracelet, starting with a brand new, or wear it alone.

Our huge selection of different Charm Watches features circular, rectangular, and oval faces in a variety of colors, styles and designs, including those with exquisite details chosen carefully give you many options. Our Charm Watch collection is made with the same high standards of quality in materials and manufacturing.

A charm watch is a watch dial face that makes it possible to easily interlink with your current Italian Charm bracelet in customized standard sizes that will ensure any charm watch face from one manufacturer will easily fit onto bracelets made by another manufacturers and vice versa, so it is usual that most owners will have more than one of them.

In fact, the watchband is basically an Italian charm bracelet beautifully crafted, artfully and refined with a watch face, adding the time functionality to the bracelet. These bracelets let you add or remove links for resizing purposes, but also just for substituting them with your favorite Italian charms to better express your mood, your interests, or match your attire.

Before you purchase Charm Watches it is advisable to check their compatibility with other Charm Watches and Italian Charm Bracelets, because not all manufacturers offer the characteristic interchangeability. If this exists, any standard size Italian Charm should link into the new Charm Watch bracelet.

Thanks to this interchangeability, Italian Charms are widely known as "modular jewelry" due to their unique construction, enabling you to add to your collection of signs, letters, symbols, or whatever individual charm you like. Some charms by themselves are watches enclosed in charms of diverse shapes, some of them unique, or embedded with rare unusual items.

As with standard Italian Charms, Charm Watches allow their owners to express their individuality and interests by simply snapping together another charm of their choice to create a customized Italian charm bracelet.

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