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Gold Italian Charms

Italian Gold Charms are recognized as the top in fine gold jewelry, and we offer you the most charming variety of them made in 14K gold, beautifully crafted, for all tastes and budgets, classic or contemporary, are carefully selected and ready to cast their ornamental spell on you.

Our Gold Charms keep the gold magnificent properties and wonderful luster, qualities that that make gold the most important metal in jewelry making and guarantees our Gold Charms to last for generations to come. The standard is 14K in the United States, 18K in Europe, 22K in India, Japan and some other Asian countries.

One of the world's most precious metals is gold, which the purity is measured in karats, abbreviated as "K", a unit that indicates the amount of pure metal in jewelry, being 24 karats the finest gold as it is known as 1000 fineness.

Gold is one of the oldest metals known to humanity and protagonist of the most diverse ambitions and dreams, including the gold charms crafted as amulets to attract wealth. Pure gold 24K is not used in jewelry because its pure state makes it soft and it can not withstand abrasions caused from extensive daily wear.

Pure gold is mixed with other metals to increase its hardness and durability, usually silver, nickel, copper, and zinc. The gold color is determined by the percentage of alloys that are included in the metal. When gold is alloyed with those metals, the shade of its color will vary.

Yellow gold and white gold have both similar strength and malleability just a different color, the more yellow the color, the more quantity of copper in combination with nickel and zinc, while white gold is mainly alloyed with nickel, silver, and zinc.

White gold looks very similar to platinum, having different properties and significance difference in prices.

All gold that is less than 24k is actually an alloy ranging from 10 karats gold to 22 karats in increments/decrements of 2 units. In jewelry, 10K gold is the minimum measure to be called karat gold in the United States, meaning the piece is made with 10 percent gold and 14 percent alloy.

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